10 Creative Uses for Random Name Pickers

September 17, 2023 | 2 minute read

Making random but fair choices can be difficult. Whether you're orchestrating a classroom, steering a team meeting, or just lost in the sauce of dinner options, using a random name picker can be a real game-changer. While you might associate these tools strictly with academic or business settings, think again. Here are 10 creative, yet practical, uses for random name pickers that go beyond the usual suspects:

  1. Game Nights: Randomize the turn order for board games or card games. You can use it each round to keep things fresh and fair.
  2. Shared Chores: In a shared living space, use it to assign chores. The history feature can show who got which chores recently, ensuring a fair rotation.
  3. Dinner Rotation: In a family or a shared apartment, use it to decide who cooks dinner each night, ensuring everyone gets their turn.
  4. Fitness Challenges: If you're doing circuit training with a group, you can use it to fairly assign exercise stations or order, changing each circuit.
  5. Reading Groups: In book clubs or reading groups, use it to pick the next discussion leader or the next book to read.
  6. Date Night Decisions: Struggling to decide where to go or what to do on date night? Plug in your options, and let fate decide!
  7. Fantasy Sports: Use it to randomly determine draft orders, waiver wire priorities, or even weekly matchups.
  8. Resource Allocation: In a co-working space, use it to allocate shared resources like meeting rooms or high-demand equipment.
  9. Trivia Host: Hosting a trivia night? Use it to select the order in which teams can choose categories.
  10. Music Playlist: Create a collaborative playlist and use it to fairly determine whose song gets played next.

Now that you're bursting with ideas, let me introduce you to a tool that brings an extra layer of fairness and customization to random selections: the Round Robin Randomizer. Unlike typical random pickers that may pick the same name back-to-back, the Round Robin Randomizer ensures each name has an equal chance before appearing again. It also spaces out the appearances, so the same name doesn't pop up too close together. The user-friendly interface lets you focus on just randomized picking while offering a 'history' feature to keep track of how many turns each item or name has been selected.

How to Use the Round Robin Randomizer:

  1. Input your list of names.
  2. Click the Start button to start the random selection process.
  3. Click Randomize to get the next random name.

In a world where choices are abundant but decision-making is stressful, random name pickers offer a simple, effective solution. And if you're looking for that extra bit of fairness, the Round Robin Randomizer is your go-to tool.


This is a freely available tool to help you fairly and efficiently pick a random name from a list of names. This tool is provided as-is, and I am not liable for friendships lost, workplace rivalries initiated, or any "I can't believe I got picked last again" moments. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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