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How to Use

  1. Enter at least 3 names in the text area, one name per line. (Make sure each name is unique, for example: Jamie C. and Jamie P.)
  2. Click Start to save the list and select your first random name.
  3. Click Randomize to pick the next random name.

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This tool ensures fair name selection by going through each name in the list once before any name is repeated. Additionally, recently picked names are less likely to appear again in immediate turns, providing a balanced distribution.

Fair's fair

Fair's Fair

Forget tally marks and coin flips. Round Robin Randomizer makes sure everyone gets a turn before repeating a selection, no favorites here.

Clutter free


Round Robin Randomizer's clean interface lets you focus on what you came for—random selection, plain and simple.

Local data

Local Data

Round Robin Randomizer processes and stores all randomizations directly in your browser ensuring your information stays right where it should: only on your device.

Example Use Cases



This is a freely available tool to help you fairly and efficiently pick a random name from a list of names. This tool is provided as-is, and I am not liable for friendships lost, workplace rivalries initiated, or any "I can't believe I got picked last again" moments. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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Let me know!

Created by Keshia Rose

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